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Your privacy is important

To give you an understanding of my privacy policy and to re-iterate my commitment to maintain your privacy, I am providing this document explaining the privacy policy.

Your personal information

The form in Contact Me page provides you the facility to voluntarily submit information about you and the kind of assistance that you require.

How is this information used?

The information provided by you is used to provide you the best response to your query. Your information will not be disclosed to any third party unless they are under a contractual obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the information.

Your contact information will be used to respond to your specific request or to send you any periodical communications including newsletters. Your contact information will not be shared with third parties except as noted above.

Cookies & Google Advertising

Subject to your browser settings, cookies are used to identify unique visitors. This enables Google to show you my advertisements while you are visiting other websites that are part of Google's advertising network. Kindly check Google’s advertising privacy policy for more information, and, if needed, control your preferences or opt out of Google's use of cookies.

Addressing Privacy Concerns

If you have any concerns or comments regarding our privacy policy, please contact me by sending a mail at subu@subuvenkataraman.in.